Micha Azoulay & Co. C.P.As. (Isr.) is an accounting firm that provides comprehensive accounting, taxation, and business services. Our clients include small and medium-sized businesses, individuals, Israeli residents, immigrants (olim), and returning residents.

Auditing and Accounting

We provide consultation, auditing and reporting services to companies and non- profit organizations in accordance with the Israeli standards for financial reporting.


We provide consultation and tax planning services to companies and individuals per the client’s needs and in accordance with the relevant legislation.

International Taxation

Our firm specializes in international taxation, providing tax solutions and strategies tailored for companies and individuals operating in today’s global economy, including in the areas of E-commerce, foreign stock exchange, and other foreign sources of income.

Personal statements and declarations of capital

We issue reports and declarations of capital for freelancers and employees, shareholders, partnerships, and individuals who are required to submit reports for income and assets in Israel and abroad.

Bookkeeping and salaries

We provide bookkeeping services for freelancers, partnerships, companies, and non-profit organizations, including salary calculations and pay slips.

Business consultation

Our firm assists businesses starting from the initial stages of establishment and planning through daily business activities. Our service includes defining positions, work processes and measures tailored to the business’s objectives and structure.

Placement of finance officers

We recruit finance officers via Bookkeeper Ltd. Our team provides various types of assistance, including defining the required position and providing the right people for your organization. Hiring the right person is critical for your business’s success, especially when this person is responsible for your most sensitive information.